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Dizzy Heights #47: Don’t. Just … Don’t (“Don’t” Songs, Vol. I)

Tell me you love me. Change. Go. Disturb this groove. Or, you know, do the opposite of all those things. Your call. It's cool. ...

Exit Lines, Theatre

Exit Lines: The Drama Desk Awards

"Get me rewrite!" says Tom Hanks, as the winners are announced....

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Popdose Prime: 10 Movies Directed by Rock and Pop Stars (to Prepare You for Rob Zombie’s “The Lords of Salem”)

Lots of musicians decide they are famous and attractive enough to act, but it takes a special kind of hubris to take a break from making...

Camper Van Beethoven - Jason Thrasher

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The Popdose Interview: David Lowery

Hearing the stories behind how the new Camper Van Beethoven album came together, we’re not surprised to find out that God is a CVB fan....

Led Zeppelin O2 Arena reunion

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The Top 8 Reunions I’ll Never See Because the World Is Ending

You can't say these eight bands didn't have their chance to do it one last time before the world came to an end....

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Pulling Rank: Kelly’s Favorite Music of 2012

Kelly Stitzel looks back at 2012 in music and ranks her favorite albums and more....

Joey Dosik

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Popdose 2012: Michael Fortes’s Favorite Music of the Year

Due to the extreme length of this 2012 year-end recap, Michael Fortes recommends that you skip ahead to the entry on Joey Dosik....

2012 Holiday Gift Guide, Holiday Gift Guides

2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Jeff Giles Picks His Favorite Music, Movies, Books, and Gadgets

A fond look back at some of the many pop culture highlights from the 2012 that was....


Spin Cycle: David Byrne and St. Vincent, Love This Giant

Love This Giant never quite reaches the potential suggested by such a powerful collaboration....

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CD Review: Life in a Blender, “Homewrecker Spoon”

Popdose finally gets around to reviewing Life in a Blender's "Homewrecker Spoon" and regrets the delay....


Here’s Something Else!: Talking Heads’ essential weirdness made perfect sense

The Talking Heads emerged weird, polished that weirdness, and let the world catch up....

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The Popdose Podcast: Episode 18

Fandom: what does it mean, who inspires it, and where will you go in its name? We have some thoughts on the subject, and you'll hear 'em on...


Music, The Weekly Mixtape

The Weekly Mixtape: 1/14/11

Mixtape madness, honest voices, strangeness ensues!...


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The Very Guest Of… David Byrne

The world doesn’t need another greatest hits album — we’ve already got three goddamn Essential REO Speedwagon...


Bottom Feeders, Music

Bottom Feeders: The Rock End of the ’80s, Part 7

So, I took at least an inital recommendation last week to listen to some Blue Oyster Cult and spun the record the vast majority said to...


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CD Review: David Byrne and Fatboy Slim, “Here Lies Love”

Over the past few years, David Byrne has made his best music as a guest performer on other artists’ tracks, due in part to his...


Mix Six, Music

Mix Six: “America”

DOWNLOAD THE FULL MIX HERE The theme of America in popular music has run the gamut of idealized notions of a land where one can pursue...


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Bootleg City: Bruce Springsteen & the Max Weinberg 7 in Asbury Park, Christmas ’03

Six years ago I was fed up with the state of affairs in Bootleg City, but determined to do something about it. A small group of Bootleg...


Bootleg City, Music

Bootleg City: James Brown, 11/27/87

We did it! More specifically and much less modestly, I did it — I won Tuesday’s election! My victory even got some coverage...


Bootleg City, Music

Bootleg City: Yes in Edmonton, September ’84

Wow! People are really fired up about this Tuesday’s election in Bootleg City! As mayor, it warms my heart to see such civic pride...


Bootleg City, Music

Bootleg City: Bad Company in Orlando, May ’99

The mayoral election is only 11 days away, and if the endless online chatter here in Bootleg City is any indication, voter turnout is sure...


Bootleg City, Music

Bootleg City: Motörhead in Sweden, November ’00

I believe the children are our future. I also believe my future in politics would’ve been cut tragically short on November 3 if...


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Blu-ray Review: Talking Heads, “Stop Making Sense”

Mention Jonathan Demme’s 1984 concert film Stop Making Sense (Palm Pictures), and a lot of people are likely to respond with a...


Bootleg City, Music

Bootleg City: Jethro Tull, 11/25/87

As election day approaches, it’s important for a political candidate like myself to line up celebrity endorsements. One of my...


Bootleg City, Music

Bootleg City: The Mayoral Race Is Heating Up!

It’s hard not to get paranoid when you’re an elected official. First there was the August catnapping that turned out not to be...


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The Friday Mixtape: 9/25/09

Feel that tension building in your neck, that stress in the spinal cord that feels just like a piece of rope with the twine extra-wrapped?...


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Live Music: David Byrne @ Prospect Park Bandshell in Brooklyn, 6/8/09

An overwhelming 27,000 people showed up to see David Byrne play a free show at the Prospect Park Bandshell in Brooklyn on Monday night. The...



New Music: Dirty Projectors, “The Stillness Is the Move”

The album art for Bitte Orca, the Dirty Projectors’ upcoming fifth album, shows band members Amber Coffman and Angel Deradoorian,...


Music, Popdose Flashback '89

Popdose Flashback: “Lyle Lovett and His Large Band”

By 1989, Lyle Lovett had already been kicking around for a couple of years. He cut a unique figure from the start, a Texan Eraserhead with...


Dw. Dunphy On..., Music

Dw. Dunphy On… Everything That Happens, and a Little After That

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to see David Byrne live in concert. It was purported to be a celebration of the work he did with...