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Suburban Metal Dad Bonus Mid-Week ReRun: “The 5th of July”

Welcome back to Suburban Metal Dad, Popdose’s resident webcomic. Read a new one every Monday and Friday. But today is a mid-week rerun in honor of July 4th. METAL DAD: THE BOOK IS AVAILABLE NOW! COLLECTS YEARS 3 & 4! Click here. METAL DAD shirts! Click here to get yours.  Click the pic to enlarge.  Right?! Tell us about it in the comments section!


Greatest Un-Hits: Nerf Herder’s “Van Halen” (1996)

In 1996, after a decade and a half of high but rapidly diminishing record sales and influence, Van Halen was suddenly a hot band again, and it was because of, and this almost never happens, a greatest hits compilation. It’s tough business, and usually involves aggressive, embarrassing levels of PR, to get fans of a popular band to repurchase songs they already own. That’s why greatest hits albums have those requisite, and usually mediocre “two new tracks” added on to the end. These new tracks were what got Van Halen into a lot of trouble and media attention. A brief primer on the Van Halen scandal: David Lee Roth left the band in 1985 for a solo career that only briefly materialized. The band then got Sammy Hagar, a great rock singer, but not quite as edgy or hard as Roth had been at the band’s peak. Van Halen sold more albums with Hagar than they ever did with Roth, but there was always an open nostalgia among fans for Roth. In 1996, Eddie Van …

Friday Night Videos!: The Hits of 1985

If you’re holding your breath for the day MTV starts playing music videos, let it go. It’s never going to happen, not while the dreaded Snooki-beast is running around, trying to mount Eric Cartman. But who needs MTV in the digital age? We’re here, the time’s right, and the videos are waiting for us. So set the way-way-back machine for 1985, strap on your shoulder pads, poof up that hair and layer those jackets. It’s time to rock. Dire Straits – Money For Nothing: The video that introduced the short-lived fad of neon rings used as sweatbands. God bless those poor kids with the jheri curls, for they just didn’t know. They just didn’t know. Eddie Murphy – Party All The Time: This song is unbelievable; just truly, completely unbelievable. All the time? How about some of the time? How about Morris Day still owes me money and until I get paid back, The Time can party on their own dime. Tina Turner – We Don’t Need Another Hero: Can’t we just get beyond Thunderdome? …

Dw. Dunphy On… Cover Songs — Why and Why Not

Some people are just flat-out smart-asses. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to be at times, mind you, but a good smart-ass pulls it off with a modicum of grace and might give you a chuckle for it. In the music world, there are relatively few of the latter. Instead of a wink and a nod, they just about knock you unconscious and then ask if “you saw that.” You can tell one from the other by their choices in the realm of cover songs. A word of note to anyone who is not a music nerd accidentally finding themselves at this site: a cover song is when an artist records another artist’s song, hence covering it. The term ‘remake’ fits as well. The term ‘smart-ass’, at least relative to this article, refers to those who decide to go all hipster and record something that bears no relevance, charm or wit toward their own sensibility. I’m thinking of Madonna’s cover of “American Pie” or that godawful A Perfect Circle CD where the songs weren’t just …