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Kerosene Halo Rises Over A House On Fire

New project to bring full band sound to duo's folk rock ethos....

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CD Review: The Choir, “Shadow Weaver”

Can an album be reflective, thought-provoking, and kick your butt at the same time?...


Kickstarter Alert: The Choir

Help alternative rock band The Choir complete their fifteenth album, Calling All Monkeys...

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Popdose 2011: Dw. Dunphy’s Best Of (And The Rest Of)

Popdose's year-end wrapup continues with Dw. Dunphy's favorites from 2011....

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DVD Review: The Lost Dogs, “It Came From The Basement”

The Lost Dogs emerge with a vintage concert for the DVD release, It Came From The Basement....


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50CCM50, Part Four

Popdose.com's series devoted to 50 CCM albums worth your attention rolls on!...


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50CCM50, Part Two

Welcome back! Apologies to all who have been waiting for Part Two to arrive in a timely manner. It’s been, shall we say, an...


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CD Review: The Lost Dogs, “Old Angel”

We’re lucky to have the Lost Dogs, and for any number of reasons. Comprised of Terry Scott Taylor, Michael Roe, Derri Daugherty and...


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Dw. Dunphy On… Cover Songs — Why and Why Not

Some people are just flat-out smart-asses. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to be at times, mind you, but a good smart-ass pulls it...


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Dw. Dunphy On… The Choir

The dichotomy between artist and the art is often easily reconciled by the public. In music, artists of all religious persuasions exist,...