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Songs That Kill: The Knack, “My Sharona”

Some bands would kill for a track like "My Sharona," a song that would not die....

AM Gold: 1979

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Digging for Gold: The Time-Life “AM Gold” Series, Part 69

It's 1979! That also means it's the final year of our look at the AM Gold series....


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Popdose 2010: Will Harris’s Top Albums and Songs

I don’t even know why I’m here, frankly. I think it’s pretty well documented that all I do these days is write about...


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Remembering Doug Fieger

The late Doug Fieger was the frontman for The Knack, but while many know him solely for "My Sharona," Will Harris reminds us how much more...



Regarding Doug Fieger

Many of us are world-weary, hardened adults. Very little causes us to suddenly sit up in shock and engage in reflection. Saying...