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Platters That Matter, Episode 2: Genesis, “Duke”

Duke was the album that changed how the world viewed Genesis. Chris Holmes and Dw. Dunphy look at this game-changing record on Platters...

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Bottom Feeders: The Ass End of the ’90s, Vol. 23

Woof. DMX barks at Duran Duran, Doctor Dre & Ed Lover and more in Bottom Feeders. ...

Banner of UNC mascot taking a "dukie."


Popdose Sports: Ranting About Rivalries and Respect

College hoops fans and MMA fighters should wash out their mouths with soap....


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Secret Single: Genesis, “Paperlate”

Popdose's Secret Single investigate Genesis' "3X3," or in the US, the "Paperlate" single....


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DVD Review: “The Duchess”

The Duchess (2008, Paramount) purchase this DVD (Amazon) Period pieces have to fight an uphill battle, from the moment a studio decides to...