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EP Review: J. Foley, “Drone Loops”

Now, this is the way EXPERIMENTAL music is supposed to sound – epic, thought-provoking and loud! The Austerity Program guitarist J. Foley...

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Album Review: Dylan Carlson, “Conquistador”

I know it’s utterly blasphemous to suggest in underground circles, but my first point of entry when listening to Dylan Carlson’s new...

Album Reviews, Music

Album Review: Saleeha, “Come Wander Through the Pale Dark”

As Saleeha, the Australian-born, Vancouver-based Max Buchanan makes meditative, slowly unfurling soundscapes that, surprisingly enough, do...

Album Reviews, Music, Welcome to Pittsburgh

Welcome to Pittsburgh: Broughton’s Rules, “Anechoic Horizon”

In this fine, first edition of Welcome To Pittsburgh, a new, somewhat-irregular Popdose column dictating the independent musical pulse of...

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Popdose Giveaway: “The Midnight Special” 11-DVD Collector’s Edition Box Set

Popdose gives away a copy of The Midnight Special 11-DVD Collector's Edition!...

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The Friday Five: November 16, 2012

It's Friday, time to relax, hit shuffle, and play along with this week's Friday Five!...

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CD Reviews: February In Metal, Part I

We check out new releases from Goatwhore, Terrorizer, Earth and more. ...


CD Reviews, Music

CD Reviews: Earth, Tankard, Nekromantheon, and Drugs of Faith

Scream, thrash and then meditate to the latest sounds from the metal world. ...


CD Reviews, Music

CD Reviews: Killing Joke, Monster Magnet, Earth, Necrite, Vanderbuyst, Grave Digger, and Iron Fire

Dave Steed reviews new albums from Killing Joke, Monster Magnet, Earth, Grave Digger and more. ...


Chart Attack!, Music

CHART ATTACK!: Beatles Edition

Beatles Week continues with CHART ATTACK!, where Jason Hare looks at ten Beatles covers that hovered around the Billboard Top 10. Prepare...


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Test of the Boomerang: Best of 2008

Test of the Boomerang – Top Ten of 2008 I will dispense with the usual bullshit “Let’s take a look back…”...


Music, Test of the Boomerang

Have No Fear, Your Test of the Boomerang Gift Guide is Here!

Yuletide greetings folks. Even in these tough economic times, the annual rite of holiday gift giving must be performed to appease the...


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The Cassingle Vault: Earth, Wind & Fire, “Sunday Morning”

Earth, Wind & Fire – Sunday Morning (1993) In a classic bit of Cassingle Vault good news/bad news, I give you, ladies and...