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Dizzy Heights #52: Someday We’ll Be Happy Again — Breakup Songs Part 2 (The Ballads)

If the first show was a Hormone Monster, this one's the Depression Kitty. ...

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The Popdose Interview: Glen Phillips

Glen Phillips drops in to talk with Popdose about the 25th anniversary of Toad the Wet Sprocket's Fear album. He also shares details on his...

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ALBUM REVIEW: John Helix, ‘Chronic Happiness’

Though upon first listen it’s evident that a whole host of influences came together to create the artist known as John Helix, the San...

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Popdose Profile: Rachel Grimes — Last Things Last

Rachel Grimes knew how to play the piano before she learned to walk. “My dad and grandmother played, so I was always sitting beside them...

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CD Review: Art Decade, “Art Decade”

If there is a universal truth among people who dedicate their lives to music, either the creation of it or the consumption it, it is that...

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The Friday Five: September 20, 2013

It's the Friday Five! Shuffle through five random tracks from your library and share it with the Popdose community. ...

City Squirrel

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Free Music: City Squirrel, “Lockerbie”

The Portland band City Squirrel are set to release their excellent third album, defeat....

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CD Review: Brandon Schott, “13 Satellites”

Brandon Schott's latest album, "13 Satellites," is really good. Just ask Rob Smith ......

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CD Review: The Big Sweet, “Ultraviolet Rain”

Ohio-based indie band the Big Sweet are very young, they’re teenagers even, but they rock a very sophisticated sound, which is that...


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The Friday Mixtape: 10/8/10 (John Lennon Edition)

In honor of John Lennon's 70th birthday October 9, Popdose presents a collection of Lennon covers in The Friday Mixtape....


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Rob Smith Can’t Say No: Oranjuly

"Rob Smith Can't Say No" to the power-pop goodness of Boston's Oranjuly. Check it out at Popdose....


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The Friday Mixtape: 3/26/10

This week’s mixtape is an ode to Internet-only, independent radio station woxy.com, which, sadly, went off the air earlier this week...


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Mope Like Me: One Final Mix Tape

This will be the last Mope Like Me column. In truth, I didn’t think I would be saying this, at least not this soon after launching...


Motion Picture Soundtrack

Motion Picture Soundtrack: Elliott Smith, “Needle in the Hay”

To begin: Music has been a essential part of movies since the very first images were committed to celluloid — in fact, motion picture...