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Popdose Q&A: Richard Marx on Breaking Rules and His New Album, “Beautiful Goodbye”

Richard Marx joins us to talk about his new album Beautiful Goodbye, writing songs with Ringo Starr and why it's okay to break all of the...

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Popdose Flashback 1983: The Tubes, “Outside/Inside”

Put on your penis-shaped suit, it's The Tubes....


Lost in the '80s, Music

Lost in the ’80s: The Tubes and Olivia Newton-John (?!)

All right, let me stop all you young ‘uns right there — 1980’s Xanadu is not a great movie, a lost treasure, or an...


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Dw. Dunphy On… Fake Deux!

No time for love, Dr. Jones. The fakes await! As I mentioned last week, this post is devoted to the cinematic musical alter egos (and some...


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Dw. Dunphy On… The Tubes

In a recent smackdown bitch slap Chartburn discussion that will be published tomorrow, we had cause to discuss the merits of...