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Dw. Dunphy On… The Bushido Truth of “The Last Jedi”

Rian Johnson gave fans more than another seething fighter with a war boner and a snazzy costume....

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Dw. Dunphy On… What Do We Do With Non-Canonical Media?

This is not your grandfather's Superman...but is that Superman at all anymore?...

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The Popdose Interview: Creators Of The Documentary “Stripped,” Dave Kellett And Frederick Schroeder

In a landscape where the newspaper is seemingly into the death rattle, what becomes of the comic strip?...

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Popdose Prime: 10 Movies That Are Reboots of Really Old Pop Culture (Just Like the New “Lone Ranger” Movie)

A new big-screen version of The Lone Ranger comes out this weekend, starring Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow as Tonto. It looks less...

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Top 15 Brian May Queen Songs

A look at the 15 best songs written by Brian May and performed by the legendary hard rock band Queen....

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Popdose at Kirkus Reviews: “Gordon” Is ALI-I-I-IVE!!

For almost 80 years, Kirkus Reviews has served as the industry bible for bookstore buyers, librarians, and ordinary readers alike. Now...



Remembering Dino, from Mangano to “Mandingo”

"No one cry when Jaws die. But when the monkey die, people gonna cry." Film Editor Bob Cashill rewinds the hits and misses of the legendary...


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Basement Songs: Queen and David Bowie, “Under Pressure”

This year marks the fifth anniversary of my friend Matt’s death. He was my brother in every sense except for blood, and like siblings, we...