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Suburban Metal Dad: Van Halen Double Shot (4th of July Reruns)

METAL DAD: THE BOOK IS AVAILABLE NOW. COLLECTS YEARS 3 & 4! Click here. METAL DAD shirts! Click here to get yours....

Suburban Metal Dad, Webcomics

Suburban Metal Dad Re-Run: “Firecrackin’ on the Fourth of July.”

Welcome back to Suburban Metal Dad, Popdose’s resident webcomic. Read a new one every Monday and Friday.  Click the pic to...

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Popdose Conceptual Theater: Music for Fireworks

Not so much a conceptual piece this time around as a practical musical tool, designed to solve one of the many pressing problems of...


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Numberscruncher: Fireworks and the Fourth of July

John Adams started it. In addition to cowriting the Declaration of Independence and his role in the American Revolutionary War, Adams...