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Music News: ZTT Mines More Vault Gold on Two Essential Reissues

ZTT Records, the influential record label founded by Paul Morley (NME Journalist), Trevor Horn (mega producer) and Jill Sinclair (the...

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Best of 2014: The Best Reissues You’ve Never Heard

There’s no shortage of scrape the vaults, lost demos saturated, resist the urge overkill, 10-pound, 20-disc, collector’s...

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CD Review: “Here Comes the Reign Again: The Second British Invasion”

Songs you know by heart performed (often) in a brand new way....

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Popdose Q&A: Andrew Curry

Announcing his latest project, Andrew Curry discusses the 1980s and how the Europeans led a brand new musical movement. ...

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Popdose Music Roundtable: March 2014

It's the Popdose Music Roundtable for March 2014 -- wherein the staff gabs about any music, new or old, that has been moving us over the...


Thank You for the Music!

Join the Popdose Staff as they say "Thank You" to the people that introduced them to the music that shaped their lives....


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Weeknight ’80s Dance Party: 5/18/11

Throw some glitter in your hair, put a lot of make-up on your face and get ready to dance. If you need some eyeliner, Ricky Gervais will...


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The Friday Mixtape: 7/9/10 — White Label Madness!

It’s White Label Friday, kids! When I say dance, you best dance, muthafucka! Note: It should be said up front that most of these MP3s...


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Mix Six: “Yet Another Random Sample”

DOWNLOAD THE FULL MIX HERE Happy New Year, Mix Sixers!  Last week, I was enthralled with some bands that I hope will be big this year, but...


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White Label Wednesday: Medsker’s Retro Beat Mix

David Medsker goes back in time and returns with a retro beat mix this week, featuring songs from a-ha, Wham!, Pet Shop Boys, Go West, and...


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Mix Six: “War Dance”

I was writing up a track for a future White Label Wednesday piece (it’s set to run May 27) when I had a strange thought. Well, two...


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Bottom Feeders: The Ass End of the ’80s, Part 33

This week you get another extended post so we can finish up the letter F nice and clean. Without further ado, I give you the final batch of...


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Why You Should Like… Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Frankie Say One-Hit Wonder?: While “Relax” is pretty much all the Liverpudlians are known for on this side of the pond,...


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Lost in the ’80s: Holly Johnson, “Blast”

Every once in a while, I’ll stumble across a CD I’ve had for years that I just didn’t care for, only to give it another...