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This Week in Badass is going to take a look at all the killer music that has reached my ears in current week, whether it be music that was just released or items coming out in the near future. You might even get some vintage badass to get you through your weekend as well. Music will be ranked on the badass’ness scale — which of course goes to 11, the only true way to measure if something kicks ass. So throw your horns up and get ready to headbang along. Bands are bolded the first time they are mentioned if you want to scroll through to see if there’s someone you like.

Fired from Popdose? Well okay, that would insinuate that I was actually “hired” in the first place. But I’m totally expecting a letter from someone with the last name of Giles in my inbox, indicating that I am no longer welcome at this great site.  Why, you might ask?  Well, it’s for the review you’re about to read. A review that will tell you that I like a Limp Bizkit record.

That’s not a misprint. I like Gold Cobra (badass’ness: 8/11),  the new album from everyone’s favorite whipping boys.  In fact, let me say something else that I’ve never told anyone before. This is the second Limp Bizkit album I like. Back in 2005 they released a little EP with no promotion called The Unquestionable Truth (Part 1) (badass’ness: 9/11) that was fantastic. It dropped a lot of the rap-rock stuff and was a more serious rock record which in turn showed me they had some talent, as if they had to show me anything.

I’m a hater, the kind like Fred Durst raps about in half his songs. I admit it. Limp Bizkit gets mocked by me on a regular basis.  But while I’m a hater, I don’t hate them.  That may not make a lot of sense on the surface but it’s one of those things where every now and then they make a song or two worth listening to but it’s more of the concept of the group that I hate.  So, for a hater to come out and say a new Bizkit record is good, that’s saying something. And y’all know me well enough by now to know that I ain’t bullshitting for the hell of it.

Whether people like it or not, the key to these musicians making cash, is Fred Durst.  He may write lyrics about titties, fucking you up and not giving a shit like he’s 17, but he sells records.  Wes Borland certainly knows that.  I loved his side project, Big Dumb Face. I didn’t like Black Light Burns at all. Neither were successful.  Hence, he’s paying the bills by returning to Limp Bizkit.  I can’t blame him for that. 

It certainly isn’t the lyrics that make this album for me. I mean “douche bag / Ima fuck you up / fuck you / fuck you / fuck you up” (“Douche Bag”) isn’t exactly Shakesperian. But it doesn’t need to be. Limp Bizkit never came out and said they were some intellectual band that has some deep rooted meaning in their songs.  By now, we all know they do it for the nookie.  It’s the music on this album that makes it stand out.  Both the lovers and the haters seem to be saying this is vintage Limp Bizkit if “vintage” is even a legit word for rap-metal.  But it’s not though.  The sequencing is absolutely key on this album. The typical Limp Bizkit rap-rock (I think it’s called “rapcore” now) is front-loaded on the disc and some of the more rock oriented tunes are hidden throughout but more focused towards the end and with the bonus tracks.  So if you hated them in the past, you listen to the first three songs and think it’s the same old shit and move on.  But the people that listen all the way through get some more interesting material later in the disc.

Just like the Unquestionable Truth, there are tunes on here that are either straight rock songs or close enough that it doesn’t fit the typical mode. And on these tracks like “Walking Away” and “Loser” the music is pretty killer and Fred’s lyrics are slightly more mature. If you get the deluxe version, there’s “Angels” which might be the most mature thing they’ve ever put out and has nothing to do with rap at all.  In turn, this may be the best song on the disc. If you can get past some really silly lyrics from Fred,  try isolating the music and you’ll hear what I did – some interesting riffs mixed in with the hip-hop that’s going to sell the record.  Somehow though, I like those typical meathead songs as well this time around.  I also ordered something from Hot Topic for the first time this past week and I’m not a goth skateboarder, so maybe it’s a midlife crisis of some sort, I don’t know.  Either way, that means I’ve now admitted to liking the newest albums from Linkin Park, Korn and Limp Bizkit.  My whole world is different now and it’s totally fucked up that I don’t feel any worse for it.