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The Friday Five: September 13, 2013

It's the Friday Five! Shuffle through five random tracks from your library and share it with the Popdose community....

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Popdose Prime: 10 Movies That Are Remakes of Classic Horror Films

Horror movies derive most of their power and enjoyment (you sicko) from a combination of novelty and surprise.The novelty: how the...

Police Academy 7: Mission to Moscow

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Popdose Prime: Seven Movie Franchises With Way Too Many Sequels

Sometimes a film cries out for a sequel. And sometimes we cry out when we see a sequel. Here are seven movie series that fall into the...


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DVD and Blu-ray Review: “Friday the 13th” II-VI and 2009 Reboot

A bloody bucket full of Friday the 13th movies has made its way to DVD and Blu-ray, and Jeff Giles is back from Crystal Lake to talk...