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The Popdose Interview: Jem Godfrey of Frost*

The leader of prog rock giants Frost* confirms the band is on solid ground after "Falling Satellites."...

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Dw. Dunphy’s Year-End Clearance Sale!

It's the best (and some not-so-best) of 2016, a year when we really needed it....

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Album Reviews: The Dear Hunter, “Act IV” and “Act V”

In the act of rewriting what a concept album saga can be, The Dear Hunter also explores the history of popular music....

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CD Review: Frost*, “Falling Satellites”

Endings never sounded so good....


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CD Review: Dec Burke, “Destroy All Monsters”

It has occurred to me that through many a trial, and an equal number of errors, one of the most crucial steps in a recording project is the...


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The Friday Mixtape: 6/12/09

Editor’s note: This week’s mixtape has an inordinate amount of song edits. While the prog purists who prefer the full-length...


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Dw. Dunphy On… Everything That Happens, and a Little After That

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to see David Byrne live in concert. It was purported to be a celebration of the work he did with...