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Former Panama Strongman Manuel Noriega Dead at 83

So what does this have to do with music?...


Ken Shane's Soul Serenade, Music

Soul Serenade: Parliament, “Flash Light”

"Flash Light" was the first #1 hit for any group in the Clinton empire...

Soul Serenade - Ohio Players

Ken Shane's Soul Serenade, Music

Soul Serenade: Ohio Players, “Love Rollercoaster”

Maximum funk from the pride of the Buckeye State...

Soul Serenade - The Parliaments

Ken Shane's Soul Serenade, Music

Soul Serenade: The Parliaments, “(I Wanna) Testify”

It began in a barbershop and became the Parliament-Funkadelic juggernaut...

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The Friday Five: July 12, 2013

It's Friday, and you know what that means: time to unwind with this week's Friday Five!...


bLISTerd: The 100 Best Albums of the ’70s: Part Five

There's a riot goin' on...in our list of the 100 best albums of the '70s. Find out where Sly places...and what else made the list!...


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DVD Review: Parliament-Funkadelic, “1976 Live: The Mothership Connection”

The parallels between 1976 and 2008 are undeniable. Back then, the economy was in shambles, suffering through a wicked bout of inflation....