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Popdose Prime: The 75 Best Paul McCartney Songs

On June 18, Paul McCartney celebrated his 75th birthday. With enviable longevity and prodigious musical gifts, he’s amassed a legacy...


Producer George Martin Has Passed Away

Famed producer for The Beatles was 90....

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Reissue Review: Paul McCartney, “Tug of War”

A few things to get right out there:  I love this album.  I love Paul McCartney – from McCartney until this one.  This...


Popdose Giveaway: “The Beatles in Mono” Vinyl Box Set

Popdose is giving away "The Beatles in Mono" vinyl box set!...

Kenny Rogers -- image courtesy of Warner Brothers

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Kenny Rogers On His New Album And The George Jones Duet That Never Happened

Kenny Rogers talks to Popdose about his reunion with Dolly and a planned duet with George Jones that unfortunately didn't happen....

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Reissue Review: The Beatles, “Abbey Road”

The Beatles stereo vinyl remasters are here...


Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah #03: The “Think for Yourself” Session

Do what you want to do — just get the f#%&ing note right....


Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah #01: How Compleat Was “The Compleat Beatles”?

Dan Wiencek serves up a double-size helping of Beatle-y goodness...

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The Popdose Podcast: Episode 22

Perfect for your soul-crushing trip to the mall on this Black Friday: A rundown of a classic Top 10 from November 1983. It's the Popdose...



Here’s Something Else!: More Beatles Songs We’re Not Sick Of Yet

The very ubiquitousness of the Beatles can make for difficult wading when you’re trying to remember what made them great in the first...



Here’s Something Else!: Beatles Songs We’re Not Sick of Yet

The very ubiquitousness of the Beatles sometimes makes for difficult wading when you're trying to remember what made them great in the...


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Soul Serenade: Dionne Warwick, “Anyone Who Had a Heart”

In 1962, Dionne Warwick began her historic collaboration with Burt Bacharach and Hal David. Two years later she had the first in a long...


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The Friday Mixtape: Beatles Covers Edition!

Well, it’s (almost) the end of Beatles Week, and by now, it’s clear that many of you were just as excited about the remasters...


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Basement Songs: The Beatles, “Rubber Soul” (remastered)

Scott Malchus has had a copy of the remastered Rubber Soul since last week, and he hasn't been able to listen to anything else. Read...


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Jesus of Cool: Popdose Picks the Beatles’ Best

It's Beatles Week here at Popdose, and Jon Cummings kicks things off by leading the staff through a list of our personal Fab Four...


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CHART ATTACK!: 8/28/82

Survivor sends a thank-you note to Queen, Air Supply goes to Brooklyn, David Foster takes over Chicago and CSN inexplicably has a Top 10...


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Lost in the ’80s: Paul McCartney, “So Bad”

Oh, some things just write themselves, don’t they? I kid, I kid. “So Bad” is an overlooked little gem from the Paul...