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10 Movies…About Awesome Businesspeople

This week marks the release of Jobs, which stars Ashton Kutcher, the inventor of prankism, as Steve Jobs, the inventor of the computer and the MP3 who ultimately became the wealthiest man in the history of the world. Here are 10 other movies about brave Americans who made money and fought back against a society that wants to see them fail and to punish them for being enterprising. Superman An allegorical film about how immigrants (Superman) are hell-bent on destroying everything hard-working American businessmen (Lex Luthor) have built up. It’s a Wonderful Life Mr. Potter did live a wonderful life—nobody ever said you were going to make friends in the banking industry. But you know what he did make? Money. Mildred Pierce Mildred should not have let her wayward children and loathsome husbands get in the way of what really mattered: building a chicken-and-waffles empire. Thank You For Smoking This movie makes me want a cigarette, which I know is bad for me, which shows you the inspiring power of public relations. It also makes …