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Popdose Q&A: Tahiti 80’s Xavier Boyer

"That's what I like about pop music: the only truth is the three and a half minutes of music you're presenting to the audience."...

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Popdose Exclusive: Brady Harris Imagines an Americana Motorhead, Grace Jones, and Blondie

Many great Hollywood Westerns were shot in the San Fernando Valley, so it almost seems fitting that an Americana/Texas/Country Rock tour de...

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Songs of Freedom: Episode Five

The fifth episode of Songs of Freedom continues the discussion from the last episode on politics and female recording artists....

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Watch Grace Jones Hula Hoop Her Way Through the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert

Grace Jones proves she is the best by hula hooping her way through a performance of "Slave to the Rhythm."...

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Weeknight ’80s Dance Party: 11/23/11

Kelly Stitzel wants you to have something to drown out the sounds of children screaming, realtives fighting, and in-laws nagging this...


Music, Weeknight '80s Dance Party

Weeknight ’80s Dance Party: 6/22/11 – Kelly’s Birthday Edition

It's Kelly's birthday and she wants to celebrate by dancing....


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Weeknight ’80s Dance Party: 5/11/11

Tonight, Kelly wants you to get in touch with your feminine side. It's Ladies Night at the Weeknight '80s Dance Party. ...



In Through the Out Door: Cover Songs We Heard Before the Classic Originals

No classic song deserves to be heard after the cover versions that followed it -- but hey, the world ain't fair....


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Mix Six: “1981 (Part Three)”

DOWNLOAD THE FULL MIX HERE As I wrap up this little musical tour of 1981, our last stop will really make you want to dance (or so I...


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Bottom Feeders: The Ass End of the ’80s, Part 47

Dave Steed's Bottom Feeders series has reached the end of the letter J, and you know what that means -- Grace Jones sighting!...