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Album Review: Dear County, “Low Country”

Around two years ago, Popdose introduced you to Arrica Rose, lead singer of Arrica Rose and The… their album Wave Function.  Now...


Soul Men: The Idiot Grins on Stax, Gram Parsons, and Bringing It All Back

Lots of music lovers would declare soul dead, or at least convalescing. (Unless you count artists like Bruno Mars who meld soul with funk,...

AM Gold: 1972

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Digging for Gold: The Time-Life “AM Gold” Series, Part 42

Wait, is that Neil Diamond on this week's AM Gold? Nope, it's just Gallery....


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Death by Power Ballad: Nazareth, “Love Hurts”

When Scottish cock rockers Nazareth slowed things down to play "Love Hurts," the whole world slowed with them. Rob Smith pays tribute in...


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CD Review: Delaney & Bonnie, “On Tour With Eric Clapton” (Deluxe Edition)

By the time On Tour with Eric Clapton was released in 1970, the husband/wife pairing of Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett could loosely be placed...


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CD Review: Everest, “On Approach”

A funny thing happened to Everest on the road to releasing their second album. The plan was to release the album on Vapor Records, just as...


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Mix Six: Emmylou Harris, the Great Harmonizer

Emmylou Harris burst on to the music world when the late Gram Parsons brought her into his band. Over the course of two albums and an...


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The Friday Mixtape: 8/28/09

I know what you were expecting. “See You In September” or “Summer Nights” from Grease or, in a sarcastic vein,...


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CD Review: The Lemonheads, “Varshons”

The Lemonheads’ new album, Varshons (The End Records), kicks off with Gram Parsons’s “I Just Can’t Take It...