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Popdose Video Premiere: The Dead Daisies, “We’re an American Band”

Like the Christmas season kicks off mid-September (ugh), July has begun to extend Independence Day all month. Don’t believe me? Come...

Soul Brothers Six

Ken Shane's Soul Serenade, Music

Soul Serenade: Soul Brothers Six, “Some Kind Of Wonderful”

A minor hit for Soul Brothers Six became a huge hit for others...

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The Popdose Interview: Kevin Eubanks

Kevin Eubanks is a guy that you’re probably most familiar with because of his 15 year stint as the bandleader for Jay Leno and the...


Chart Attack!, Music


Mellow Gold tracks, country crossovers, and uncomfortable backing vocals -- join Jason Hare (and his childhood haircut) as he takes us back...



Hall of Fame Week: Todd Rundgren

“All the lies, all the truth, all the things that I offer you / All the sights, all the sounds, all the times that you turned me down...