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Newtown school shooting

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On America and Its Guns

Now is not only not the wrong time to talk about this, it's the only time....

2006 Olympic biathlon venue


Popdose Sports: Why Aren’t Americans Really, Really Into Biathlon?

Guns, fitness, snow parties ... what's not to like? Beau Dure preaches to the not-yet-converted....


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Song-Off Jr.: Incestuous Father-Daughter Relationships and the Second Amendment

Florida Statutes, Section 826.04: “Whoever knowingly marries or has sexual intercourse with a person to whom he is related by lineal...


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Donkey Kong: “We Heart Obama” (What Did You Expect?)

Well, the big night arrived, and the three of us gathered together to experience this historic moment in America the only way we knew...


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Pop Politico: “The Quintessential Self-Defense Weapon”

“I’m not afraid of insects taking over the world, and you know why? It would take about a billion ants just to aim a gun at me,...


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Mix Six: “Guns! Guns! Guns!”

DOWNLOAD THE FULL MIX HERE Okay, Mix Six fans, if you’re also a reader of the Pop Politico posts you’ll know that I’m not...