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Like Omigod!, Music

Like, Omigod! Digging Through the ’80s Pop Culture Box, Part 10

We’re letting the music do the talking for the most part, this week — because this stretch of Disc Three is all killer, no filler! Or,...


Music, Weeknight '80s Dance Party

Weeknight ’80s Dance Party: 5/25/11

Another week, another '80s Dance Party. This week, Kelly finds further evidence of her theory that when an '80s remix introduces the flute,...


Bottom Feeders, Music

Bottom Feeders: The Rock End of the ’80s, Part 21

Bottom Feeders is on Cloud 9 this week with solo material from the Red Rocker, a Blondie and a Beatle. ...


Mix Six, Music

Mix Six: “UK in the ’80s”

DOWNLOAD THE FULL MIX HERE Okay…I admit to being a UK popophile (Hey now!). What can I say? The ’80s was the decade of my...


Hooks 'N' You, Music, Popdose Interviews

Hooks ‘N’ You: Nick Heyward, “Tangled”

I liked Nick Heyward before I ever knew I liked Nick Heyward. In the hazy, lazy days known as the early ’80s, I was just as...