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The Rockford Files (Mike Post and Pete Carpenter)

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Top 10 TV Themes of the ’70s

Get ready to get funky and then mellow with this list of the ten greatest TV theme songs from the 1970s. No drum machines need apply....

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Soundtrack Saturday Special Edition! Best Original Song, 1987

In the final week of her 1980s Best Original Song adventure, Kelly takes a look at the nominees from 1987....


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Revival House: Seven Great Rejected Film Scores

Even the best film composers have had their share of rejected scores. This week's Revival House examines seven great ones....


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Revival House: Nine Great Scores From Bad Movies

We all recognize iconic music from great films, but what about those great scores for movies that are long-forgotten?...


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Mix Six: This Time We’re Stringin’, or How I Learned to Dabba-Dabba-Dabb

… because Ted didn’t want to. DOWNLOAD THE FULL MIX HERE When Nabokov concluded back in the 1950s that some of his American...


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Revival House: “I know what goes where, and why …”

Jeff Johnson looks back at the 1976 comedy-thriller Silver Streak, the beginning of Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor's classic...