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Blu-ray Review: “Trumbo”

Bryan Cranston becomes controversial writer Dalton Trumbo in this new biopic....

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Popdose Prime: Monumental Destruction — Top 10 Landmarks Movies Love to Destroy

Here are ten iconic monuments that get wrecked in the movies more often than a college freshman pledging a frat....

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The Popdose Interview: Director Brenda Chapman

"Don't they understand what they had, and what message you're sending by changing it?"...

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The Weekly Mixtape: 12/16/11

Popdose sets the Wayback Machine...on fire and watches it burn....


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Popdose at Kirkus Reviews: For Sucker Punch, Nothing Ever Goes As Planned

Popdose and Kirkus Reviews teams up, this time out taking a clear-eyed look at Sucker Punch: The Art of the Film. ...


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TV Review: TCM’s “Moguls & Movie Stars: A History of Hollywood”

Tonight, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) begins a seven week documentary series about the history of Hollywood. Moguls & Movie Stars: A...


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Film Review: “Jennifer’s Body”

To Hollywood’s credit, there’ve been a lot of female-focused thriller/horror films coming out lately. It’s almost as if...


The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture: The Big Three, Part Three

We have now reached the last of a three part series concerning the three taboos of cinema. Thus far we have discussed the use of profanity...


The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture: In Glorious 3D!

It is a time of economic turmoil. The markets are going berserk; reacting like the headless chickens we already knew them to be. Our nation...