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Brooke White Gathers Her Friends For Surprise Charity Album

2014 has been an amazing year for new music, and my very last purchase of the year will hopefully arrive this Friday — that said, we could still use a little help from our friends to make it happen. The album, Never Grow Up, is the latest platter of potential pop perfection from singer, songwriter, actress, girl with glasses, fashionista and friend of POPDOSE, Brooke White. It’s a collection of lullabies and happy songs that promises to be the sonic elixir we need to heal from just about everything in the news. This isn’t the first time Brooke’s fans have enjoyed a White Christmas. In 2012 she released her first holiday album, one what was good enough to avoid the wrath of Mellowmas. Read the complete POPDOSE holiday interview here. This time around, Brooke enlists a little help from her friends: Idol alumni David Archuleta and Carly Smithson, country star Deana Carter, Jack Matranga (half of White’s stellar duo Jack & White) plus Leigh Nash, Mindy Gledhill, Daniel Tashian (The Silver Seas), Lucy Schwartz, John Hanson and Chris Seefried. It’s a fundraising affair, 80% of proceeds go …

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The Popdose Interview: Brooke White (free holiday MP3)

Brooke White is one of the sharpest, most prolific singer/songwriters in pop music today — her natural beauty, charm and style are simply sprinkles, whip cream and Cap’n Crunch atop an already perfect sundae. Sure a certain TV juggernaut catapulted her to international fame in 2008, but of the 120 American Idol Top 10’ers to date, she’s one of the few who still has bankable name brand recognition more than a season later. You can read all about my beef with the show here — but in a nutshell, what is now a popularity contest used to be about talent, and talent is something White has in spades. I drank the Brooke White Lemonade long before Idol. I bought her self-released debut CD, Songs From The Attic, at a rousing club show in LA two years before she went face to face with Simon, Randy and Paula. Attic steadily became one of my favorite pop albums of the decade; it is packed with powerful, exquisitely produced, full band originals that would have sounded as good …