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TV on Blu-ray: “The Night Of”

Believe the hype, "The Night Of" is as great as advertised....

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Blu-ray Review: “Enough Said”

There's a bittersweet feeling you get when watching the sweet and charming performance by James Gandolfini in Enough Said....

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Popdose Giveway: Win a Copy of “Enough Said” on Blu-ray

Win a copy of "Enough Said" starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus....

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Film Review: “Enough Said”

A toast to a grown-up romantic comedy....

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Blu-ray review: “Zero Dark Thirty”

Jessica Chastain is as important to Zero Dark Thirty as Daniel Day Lewis is to Lincoln....

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DVD Review: “Killing Them Softly”

Somewhere at the crossroads of Coen and Tarantino, you’ll come upon Andrew Dominik’s Killing Them Softly. ...


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How Bad Can It Be?: Kathy Griffin, “She’ll Cut a Bitch (Uncensored)”

Comedienne Kathy Griffin takes as her great subject the foibles of Hollywood celebrity culture. Part of the kick of Griffin’s TV show...


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Film Review: “Inglourious Basterds” (updated for Blu-ray)

Quentin Tarantino's latest arrives in theaters today, and Lance Berry has been dying to tell you all about it....


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Bootleg City: Marvin Gaye in Tokyo, November ’79

As mayor of Bootleg City, I’ve decided to make some changes around these parts. You see, recently I noticed that our fair city really...