Top 10 Popdose Articles Of All Time

2013 marks five years of Popdose bringing you pop culture news and debate, and we’re pleased as punch to still be here after so many site start-ups have “bitte eine dust” (I know it’s not correct German, but it worked for ...

Popdose Flashback 1993: Snow, “Informer”

Dw Dunphy – So, Chris. When you think of the music of the early 1990s — say, 1993 — what immediately springs to mind?

Chris Holmes – I remember thinking, “Oh God, I’m gonna have to hear this shit ...

The Twenty-Fifth Day of Mellowmas: A Christmas Starr

Jason: Well, here we are. The final day of Mellowmas. We hope you’ve been enjoying every single day up to today.

Jeff: Why the hell should they get to enjoy it?

Jason: Schadenfreude!

Jeff: I want everyone to suffer like me.


The Twenty-Fourth Day of Mellowmas: Dr. Elmo Gets Racist

Jeff: Well, well, well.

Mellowmas Eve.

Jason: ohthankgod

Jeff: It’s the most special night of the year!

A crackling fire…a plate of cookies for Santa and his elves…and only two more songs to get through.

Jason: I’m raising my glass of ...

The Twenty-Third Day of Mellowmas: Silent Night, Monkee Hole

Jason: Y’know, Jeff, a lot of people have helped us make Mellowmas happen.

Jeff: Oh, are we going to start blaming people now?

Jason: I’m not talking about the awful artists. I’m talking about the awful readers.

Jeff: Yes! A good ...

The Twenty-Second Day of Mellowmas: Ah! Mellowmas!

Jeff: We’re in the home stretch, Jason!

Mellowmas morn is only a few days away.

Jason: I don’t think I’m going to make it.

Jeff: You say that every year, starting in June.

Jason: And every year, right around this time, I ...

The Twenty-First Day of Mellowmas: Moogmas

Jason:When was the last time we covered a purely instrumental track, do you remember?

Jeff: I don’t, but I think we should keep going. Let’s see how long we can go without covering one.

Jason: Oh, I disagree.

Jeff: Also, I ...

The Nineteenth Day of Mellowmas: Jesus and the Shondells

Jeff: Well, Jason, we’re nearing the end of another Mellowmas. Only a few more days to go!


Jeff: We’ve heard so much this year.

Jason: I’ve already done my darndest to forget most of it.

Jeff: We found out ...

The Eighteenth Day of Mellowmas: Vanessa Carlton Has Tinnitus

Jeff: groan

Jason: What now?

Jeff: Nothing. Everything. I’ve reached the point of the season where I start having Mellowmas nightmares.

Jason: Welcome to the club! I had my first one in late August.

Jeff: I start dreaming that totally nonsensical ...

The Sixteenth Day of Mellowmas: Adorkablemas


Jeff: Something got you down, buddy? Something other than Mellowmas in general, I mean?

Jason: She & Him released a Christmas record.

Jeff: Oh, right. THAT shit. You know, I do not care ...

The Fifteenth Day of Mellowmas: A Mellowmas Carole

Jason: Oh look, another package on my doorstep!

Jeff: Oooh! Who’s it addressed to?


Jeff: leprechaun dance

Jason: “Jason Bieber Hare.” The only thing that makes ...

The Fourteenth Day of Mellowmas: The Drummer Boy So Dope

Jeff: Ah, another glorious Mellowmas morn!

Jason: Don’t even fucking talk to me.

Jeff: Aw, don’t be like that, bro.

Jason: Hang on, I’m flagging down my mailman.

Jeff: Mr. McFeely?

Jason: I don’t know who he is, but I’m tipping him ...

Rob Smith Can’t Say No: The Beehavers

Some of us here at Tha Dose not only write about music, but practice the art ourselves, in sundry forms, with varying results. Regardless of where Ken Shane lives (Rhode Island, these days), the breath he exhales smells like the salty air ...

The Eleventh Day of Mellowmas: !Buenas Noche de Náusea!

Jason: Hey Jeff, remember last year’s Mellowmas miracle?

Jeff: You mean that it ended? Yes, I remember that. I smiled for a month.

Jason: That was one of the miracles. But there was another one. If I recall correctly, we were ...

The Tenth Day of Mellowmas: Calling All Eunuchs

Jeff: Boy, is it cold outside!

Jason: Freezing!

Jeff: It reminds me of holiday seasons from long ago.

Jason: Ooh, a little nostalgia? I’m in.

Jeff: Nostalgia! It’s everywhere lately. It’s hip! It’s happening!

The Ninth Day of Mellowmas: A Shot in the Arne Benoni

Jeff: Ho, ho, ho, Mellowmas friend!

Jason: Ho ho ho! What gifts hath the devil brought us today?

Jeff: Well, I’ve been thinking.

Jason: That’s never good.

Jeff: You wound me, sir. I’ve simply been contemplating this year’s Mellowmas songs so far, ...

The Eighth Day of Mellowmas: Mellowmas of ’69

Jeff: Well, we’re getting deep into the cold, dark heart of another bonechilling Mellowmas.

Jason: We sure are. I woke up this morning and kicked my cat for no apparent reason. Just because.

Jeff: Yesterday, you took us all ...

The Seventh Day of Mellowmas: The Singing Turtleneck

Jason: Hey Jeff, you know what’s odd?

Jeff: The fact that we both keep showing up for this every year?

Jason: Well, that’s more sick than odd, but I guess that’s a good answer. I was going to say ...

The Sixth Day of Mellowmas: Jingle Bell Slap

Jeff: Ahhh, another fine Mellowmas morning. How are you feeling, old pal?

Jason: yaaaaaaaawn

Jeff: Sounds like someone needs his coffee!

Jason: Well, I just woke up. My eyes are crusty, my breath is awful…


The Second Day of Mellowmas: Mistle-No Squared

Jeff: Ho, ho, ho, bitch!

Jason: No, no, no, asshole!

Jeff: Oh, Jason. Don’t be like that. You and I both know you’ve been looking forward to this since last Mellowmas.

Jason: Telling you “no, no, no, asshole”? I do that all ...

The Popdose Podcast: Episode 22


Oh hi. Do you like our new look? We feel this one is more accurate, mainly because we do all actually have that much chest hair (yes, even Jason) and Jeff actually sported that haircut a couple of summers ...

Episode 21: More Fun With Peter Lubin!

Here at Popdose we wanted to do something special for Labor Day, and we can think of nothing more labored than another episode of the Popdose Podcast! And just like your day off, we’re not really doing anything, ...

The Popdose Podcast: Episode 20 (Re-Post)

Once upon a time, there was Jefitoblog. It was loved by many in the land. But one day, Jefitoblog left us. Some say it was the result of a crappy webhost, some say it was the result of its ...