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10 Movies…With Endearing Strippers (Like ‘Afternoon Delight’)

I’ve never been to a strip club, not just because they’re degrading to women, but because they’re degrading to everybody. A red-lit room with “college students” sadly gyrating to a Warrant song doesn’t sound great. And Hollywood has spoiled me on strippers—I am to presume they all are plucky, have hearts of gold, and/or enjoy taking their clothes off for weirdos with too many small bills. Like Juno Temple in this week’s Afternoon Delight, here are 10 other movies with happy-go-lucky softcore sex workers. Flashdance Sort of like how your grandpa uses old-timey words (like “breeches” instead of “pants”), back in the old-timey days of the 1980s, they called “stripping “flashdancing,” and it was a good way to supplement your income as a steel worker and/or dance student. Closer Nothing gets me hotter than when a stripper discusses gender identity and psychosexual politics during a lapdance. #notouching(becauseweareallofusemotionallyimmature) The Full Monty It’s charming, because the guys are nobody you would want to see naked, and they do it to earn money because they lost all their …


Valentine’s Day Character Crushes!

So this is Valentine’s Day? They can keep it! OK, so maybe I shouldn’t be saying that, after all I’m hitched and as a decent husband I should be overspending today on flowers, candy and teddy bears in hopes that my wife will repay me in … making awesome dinner for me! I’m a hopeless romantic, but I’ve never understood why we have to go out of our way this one day to love someone we should be loving just […]

Trailer Trash: “The Bounty Hunter”

Who needs to watch the damn movies? Dave Matos and Mikey Newman don’t, thanks to their patented movie review system, which tells them everything they need to know about all the new releases simply by watching the trailers — and now, thanks to their generous spirit, you can share their vast and unerring knowledge. Case in point: The Trailer Trash review of this week’s The Bounty Hunter, an alleged romantic comedy starring Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston. Is there a mutiny on this Bounty? Watch and learn: