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Popdose Q&A: Ajay Mathur on His New Genre-Bending Album and Jamming With Jimmy Page

In recent years, Americana has become all the rage with foreign-born artists like Mumford & Sons chewing up and spitting out what...

Lost Together with Matt Wardlaw, Podcast

Lost Together with Matt Wardlaw, Episode 2: Jason Bonham

Jason Bonham checks in with the podcast to talk about working with Phil Collins, Sammy Hagar, the 2007 Led Zeppelin reunion and his current...

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The Friday Five: September 11, 2015

It's the Friday Five! Shuffle through five random tracks from your library and share it with the Popdose community....

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Book Review: “Led Zeppelin on Led Zeppelin: Interviews and Encounters”

A new book chronicles Led Zeppelin's rise and fall in their own words through rare interviews....

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Reissue Reviews: Led Zeppelin, “IV” and “Houses of the Holy”

I don’t know how to find the right words for two albums that were almost “standard issue” when I was a teen and starting...

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Popdose Flashback 1964: The Kinks, “Kinks”

When making up a list of the most important British Invasion bands, why aren't The Kinks higher to the top?...

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Listening Booth: Led Zeppelin’s “In Through the Out Door”

It's the 35th Anniversary of Led Zeppelin's "In Through The Out Door"...

The Vinyl Diaries

The Vinyl Diaries: Aerosmith, “Done with Mirrors”

Remember when Aerosmith’s Music from Another Dimension was supposed to be the band’s return to rockin’ form, a Seventies-style...

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DVD Review: “¡Released! The Human Rights Concerts 1986-1998”

The crossroads between youth culture and Amnesty International came together in the mid-70s with a series of concerts that included members...

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The #1 Albums: “Led Zeppelin III”

On October 24, 1970, Led Zeppelin III blased onto the Billboard 200 album chart at #3. The next week, it knocked Santana’s Abraxas...

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The Friday Five: November 23, 2012

Drop the leftover stuffing, put down that TV, and shuffle into this week's Friday Five!...

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Popdose at Kirkus Reviews: “Light and Shade”

For almost 80 years, Kirkus Reviews has served as the industry bible for bookstore buyers, librarians, and ordinary readers alike. Now...

AM Gold: 1971

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Digging for Gold: The Time-Life “AM Gold” Series, Part 37

The first installment of AM Gold: 1971 features a fairly diverse range of pop -- from the manly swagger of Tom Jones, to the super-cheery...


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Here’s Something Else!: We’re Buying A Stairway To Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin’s image, dating back to the band’s debauched 1970s heyday, has grown so outsized that it sometimes obscures, well,...


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Bottom Feeders: The Rock End of the ’80s, Part 37

Be sure to show your AARP card to get access to Bottom Feeders this week. Jimmy Page and Tom Petty bring along both Joe and Steve Perry to...


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CD Review: Robert Plant, “Band of Joy”

The combined talents of Robert Plant and Buddy Miller were bound to produce interesting results. Together they have made "Band of Joy" one...


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Cratedigger: Jeff Beck, “Truth”

Jeff Beck’s sister was responsible for a nice chunk of rock and roll history when she fortuitously introduced him to another young...


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Listmania: Top 50 Guitarists (#10-1)

We made a list of our favorite guitarists of all time, and this week we count down the final 10. Who's number 1? You'll have to click to...


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Rock Court: The People vs. Eric Clapton

Rock Court is back in session, and this time, the fate of God -- a.k.a. Eric Clapton -- hangs in the balance. Take your seat in the jury...


Caught on Tape, Music

Caught on Tape: Jimmy Page and the Plane Truth

In this week's edition of Caught on Tape, Steven Rosen journeys back to 1977, and his time spent in the eye of the Led Zeppelin hurricane....


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Cratedigger: Spirit, “Clear”

I don’t want to write this. Like a lot of you, my heart is really heavy today. The only music that I really want to listen to, or...


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Mojo’s Cold Shot: Do We Call What White Rockers Play “Blues?”

Since I started listening to blues, that’s been a hard question for me to answer. It’s important, because it speaks to what...