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CD REVIEWS: Led Zeppelin, “IV” and “Houses Of The Holy” (reissues)

I don’t know how to find the right words for two albums that were almost “standard issue” when I was a teen and starting to move towards playing guitar and getting into “serious” rock (after a youth-filled power pop foundation).  EVERYONE  had IV; you had to.  It had fucking “Stairway To Heaven” (which, admittedly, I’ve grown to cringe at whenever I hear it).  It had “Black Dog” and “Rock And Roll”.  It had “The Battle of Evermore” and “Misty Mountain Hop”.  Did I love it when I heard it; did it inspire me?  No, but I went along with everyone else and said “oh yeah”.  Houses Of The Holy was the next album for me to discover and it was an eye-opener.  From the weirdly angular (but instantly memorable) riff of “Dancing Days” to the magnificent opening acoustic whirlwind of “Over The Hills And Far Away” – this was a Zeppelin album I embraced. So now, over 36 years since I first had and absorbed these records, I’ve revisited them, thanks to the latest re-issue …