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The 31 Days of Halloween, Day 31: Halloween

The 31 Days of Halloween, Day 31: Halloween

Well, was anybody shocked? Remember, when I was setting up this series — back with Day 1′s write-up of May — I warned you that the actual holiday’s corresponding movie was going to be a predictable choice. Given that John Car…

Basement Songs: 52 Saturday Nights

Last year I began to reevaluate my life (that happens when you turn 40) and the pursuit of the dream I had as a boy. What was it about those movies that captured my heart? Was it the movies themselves? Was it the people I was with? Was it some thematic element that I associated with? More importantly, could I ever go back to that place again?

Listmania: Top 20 Scariest Films (#10-1)

There are only five days until Halloween and the Popdose staff is counting down the 20 most frightening films of all time — and as a bonus, we’re giving away a digital copy of The Exorcist.

Revival House: Ten Great Remakes

Remakes are all the rage in Hollywood these days, and “rage” is the popular filmgoer response to most of them — but as Jeff Johnson points out in his latest Revival House, a remake isn’t always a bad thing.