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Book Review: Rich Tupica, “There Was a Light: The Cosmic History of Chris Bell and the Rise of Big Star”

As time passes, it gets harder to write about something you love, especially like a band – you veer between adoration, hero worship,...

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Album Review: Big Star, “The Best of Big Star”

So here’s the short version – Stax Records, in conjunction with Ardent, has finally released a sensible compilation of Big...

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Reissue Review: Big Star, “Complete Third”

The first thing I want to disclose before going further is to say that in the canon of the three albums Big Star, one of my favorite bands...

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It’s become something of a rarity in these last two decades or so to hear the story or motivation as to the writing of songs;...

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Popdose Exclusive Single Premiere: Loveland Duren, “Johnny Boy”

This is something very special; very powerful and totally from the heart.  Memphis legends Vicki Loveland and Van Duren, collectively...

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Music News: John Fry, Founder of Ardent Studios, Dies at 69

Ardent Studios founder and legendary producer John Fry has died. The man who gave a base of operations to the band that became Big Star...

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Reissue Reviews: Big Star, “#1 Record” and “Radio City”

The way I’m going to approach this is to pretend that I’ve never heard #1 Record or Radio City.  I’m going to write...

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The Popdose Interview: Jody Stephens (Big Star)

When it comes to bands whose critical acclaim far outweighs their record sales, few can compete with Big Star. The band, which initially...



Popdose Contest: Big Star, “Third” – Win the Record Store Day Exclusive!

The vinyl release of Big Star "Third" as a Record Store Day exclusive is one of this year's most special offerings. Popdose has a copy for...


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CD Review: Chris Bell, “I Am the Cosmos” Deluxe Reissue

In the summer of 1978, EMI saw the light. Driven by interest in Big Star in the U.K., they released a gatefold double album package...


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CD Review: Big Star, “Keep an Eye on the Sky”

Ken Shane reviews a release that will have power-pop lovers drowning in ecstasy for the rest of the year: the new Big Star box set from...