Listmania: Top 50 Rhythm Sections (#35-21)

In pop culture, lists are everything. They lend a sense of order to an otherwise orderless world. From film and literature to music, critics and readers alike love to put things in tidy rows. It is with this in ...

Rock Court: The People vs. Eric Clapton

For the prosecution: Mojo Flucke, Ph.D.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the prosecution will prove that Eric Clapton has committed numerous crimes against rock, namely:

• Making music way more derivative than legally permissible for a rock god

Caught on Tape: Jimmy Page and the Plane Truth

Chicago, Illinois, April 1977 — I knew what I was in for ten seconds after Guitar Player said to me: “We want you to interview Led Zeppelin.” My head filled with the clarion call of screaming guitars and in a moment of ...