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EP Review: DF, “abcdf”

I feel largely under-qualified to review abcdf, the new EP and accompanying visual experience from Montreal duo DF. While tenor saxophonist...

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Album Review: Oblique Quartet, “Tlaloc Beat”

Dear Reader: Staff writer Justin Vellucci promised us a review of Oblique Quartet’s debut record, Tlaloc Beat, in his words, “by the...

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Album Review: PAK, “NYJPN”

Listening to PAK, composer Ron Anderson’s vehicle driving through ears a frenetic pastiche of jazz, funk and math-rock, can be...

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Album Review: tētēma, “Geocidal”

Sabina Maselli’s spirited avant-film experimentation is the perfect introduction to tētēma, the Anthony Pateras/Mike Patton duo...

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A Fan’s Notes: Newport Jazz Festival 2014

The Newport Jazz Festival celebrated 60 years in grand style...


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CD Review: Ron Anderson’s PAK, “Secret Curve”

Popdose.com takes a hard right and checks out the free jazz/prog-rock mutant Secret Curve from Ron Anderson's PAK....