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The Popdose Interview: Matthew Sweet

Matthew Sweet may not be the king of pop – the title was pretty much taken before he was ever in contention – but he certainly...


Blerd Radio 2013, Episode 2: Fuckin’ Problems

All of the stuff Big Money & Demick talk about in the latest Blerd Radio podcast may turn out to be admissible in court someday. In...

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New Video: Aimee Mann Takes a Shot-for-Shot at ‘Til Tuesday

Well, it looks like Ted Asregadoo and I weren’t too far off with all of the ‘Til Tuesday comparisons in our glowing...

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Blu-ray Review: “Friends With Kids”

Friends With Kids, the new rom com from Jennifer Westfeldt, is now on Blu-ray. Scott Malchus reviews it for Popdose....

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Sneak Peek: “Comedy Bang Bang”

IFC gives us a sneak peek of the new Comedy Bang Bang TV show....

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TV Review: “Mad Men” (Season 5 Premiere)

“I don’t really care about work. I care about you.” That, you incredibly patient fans of Mad Men, is not the only lie Don...


Popdose Contest: Win a DVD copy of “Bridesmaids”

Bridesmaids, one of the surprise hits of this past summer, is coming out on DVD and Blu-ray September 2oth.  The raunchy comedy,...


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Blu-ray Review: “Sucker Punch”

Bob Cashill checks out the tight-skirted babes in Zack Snyder's folly, and eventually critiques the extended edition on Blu-ray. ...


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TV on DVD: “Childrens Hospital: The Complete First and Second Seasons”

Childrens Hospital, the series created by comedian Rob Corddry (The Daily Show, Hot Tub Time Machine), not only satirizes the medical drama...


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TV on DVD: “Mad Men” Season Four

Now on DVD, the fourth season of AMC's Emmy winning drama may have been a downward spiral for Don Draper, but the series was a strong as...


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Popdose 2010: Emilia Rhodes’ Best in Television

From gangsters to vampires, and cable dramas to network comedies, a list of the best in television in 2010....


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The Three Strike Rule: “Mad Men”

I believe that like any great character of fiction, we see a part of ourselves in Don Draper. We see a human being with faults, albeit ones...


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TV Review: Live from New York, it’s “30 Rock!”

30 Rock went back to its Saturday Night Live roots for a live broadcast. Scott Malchus takes a look at everything that went right for the...


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DVD Review: Jon Hamm and Josh Lucas Star in “Stolen”

Jon Hamm (Mad Men) stars as Detective Tom Adkins in the film Stolen, a stylish mystery that also stars Josh Lucas as a down on his luck...


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TV on DVD: “Mad Men: Season 2”

Mad Men: Season 2 (2009, Lionsgate) purchase from Amazon: DVD | Blu-ray Mad Men, the ’60s-era drama that airs on AMC, had a lot to...