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“The Big Get” And The Jon Stewart Loss

In an era where news needs to please political guests, the only current unchained commentator is heading for the door. Will his replacement...


Why Stephen Colbert’s “We’ll Meet Again” Singalong Was the Greatest Send-Off in TV History

It’s been half a day since Stephen Colbert ended The Colbert Report and the way it went out is still circulating in my head. Not even...


Poptificating: The 64th Emmy Awards

Whether we watched the ceremony or skimmed the results, the Popblerd team had one thing in common: we all had strong opinions to voice...

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Popdose at Kirkus Reviews: “The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin”

Joe McGinness' scandalous expose of Tea Party cheerleader Sarah Palin gives her a most unlikely gift. ...



TV Preview: Ready Or Not, Here Comes Coco

So, what have we to talk about this week? The non-news that after scoring ridiculously high ratings, AMC has greenlit a second season of...


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Box Office Flashback: October 29, 1996

Robert Cass fills in for Jeff Giles this week and takes readers on a Box Office Flashback to October 29, 1996. (Rated R for vulgar language...



Fandango: George Lucas Faces Jon Stewart — A Report From Star Wars Celebration

To some, he is the Flanneled One. The Bearded One. Baron Papanoida. The Maker. To others, he is a former mythmaker who has since...


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Numberscruncher: Viacom Sues YouTube

A video that always makes me happy, and violates Viacom’s copyright: kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/vgMgLjMghuk"...


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The Bigger Picture: The Big Three, Part One

If you read this column last week, you might think from reading the headline that I’ve decided to only discuss the economic...


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Where’s the (Tea) Party?

Rick Santelli of CNBC has called for a Chicago Tea Party, a revolt by taxpayers against a government stimulus package that may reward some...


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Political Culture: Fake News Cage Match – Stewart vs. Colbert

Some fascinating new polling data has surfaced on the most intriguing political battle of our time. Harvard’s Institute of Politics...