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Mellowmas, Mellowmas 2013, Music

The Fourth Day of Mellowmas: The Blizzard

Jeff: Hey, Jason! Guess what today is? Jason: The worst day of the rest of my life? Jeff: Kind of! It’s a very special Mellowmas...

Mellowmas, Mellowmas 2013, Music

The Third Day of Mellowmas: Homeless Mellowmas

Jason: Some people may not realize it, but finding Mellowmas music isn’t an easy thing to do. Jeff: On the other hand, it isn’t...

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You’re Dead to Us: Broadway Musicals as an Important Cultural Force

A series in which we look at once common curiosities of pop culture that don’t exist anymore, be it because of changing tastes, the...


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The Second Day of Mellowmas: Warm Lovin’ Mellowmas

Mellowmas has just begun and already Jason has become weak (and nauseous). See why as the dynamic duo listen to some warm lovin' Wilson...


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Cratedigger: Judy Collins, “Who Knows Where the Time Goes”

Released during the tumult of 1968, this Judy Collins album served Ken Shane as an oasis of serenity during some dark days....


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Mix Six: “The Myth of Santa (And Other Thoughts on Christmas)”

DOWNLOAD THE FULL MIX HERE By now, you’re thoroughly drenched in holiday music – with the vast majority of the songs...


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Live Music: Folk Festival 50, Newport, R.I. (Day Two)

To be honest, I had my doubts about Day Two of Folk Festival 50. First of all, I was still tired from the day one. Next, it appeared that...


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The Popdose Interview: Amy Speace

Singer-songwriter Amy Speace’s new album is one of those projects whose success you’re tempted to attribute to the big names...


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The Producers: Leaving Elektra, Life With the Crue, and Meeting Twisted Sister

In his latest column, Tom Werman relives the wild and crazy early '80s, including some time behind the boards for Motley Crue, a narrow...


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CD Review: Leonard Cohen, “Live in London”

The definition of “cool” is a very amorphous thing. Basically, it depends on who’s doing the defining. One thing that a...


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The Fifth Day of Mellowmas: A Little River Christmas

We bet you didn’t even know that Little River Band released a Christmas CD this year!  Well, now you know.  Please, thank us...


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The Fourth Day of Mellowmas: Sarajevomas…?

Note: After reading this, you may be in desperate need of some actual holiday cheer — so head on over to visit our friends at...


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Desert Island Discs: Tim Smith and Michael Quercio

Tim Smith (ex-Jellyfish, current member of Sheryl Crow’s band) 1. The Beatles, Rubber Soul My favorite period for the band, as they...