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American Idol Season 12 – And Then There Were 8

We're down to 8 on American Idol. Will Lazaro be rightfully eliminated or is he Teflon?...


American Idol Season 12 – And Then There Were 10

The 10 American Idol finalists sing for their lives. Who was good and who was terrible?...


Blerd Radio 2013 Episode 1: Cat Butt

New Blerd Radio...make sure you listen and don't get catfish-ed!!...


The Popblerd Reality Check Podcast – It’s Britney *****

Tiffany ( @tvproducerlady on Twitter) and I have been doing this podcast for nearly a year now. And it finally has a name. Welcome to...

Album Reviews, Music

CD Review: Kip Moore, “Up All Night”

What sets Kip Moore's "Up All Night" apart from so many of his peers is the conviction of the singer's delivery and his commitment to make...

Lefschmutz, Music

Lefschmutz: Bob Lefsetz Thinks Everybody Should Listen to Average Country Music!

In which Bob possibly sets a new personal record for equivocation....


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The Popdose Interview: Richard Marx

Richard Marx chats with Popdose about his past & present career, his favorite role in the industry these days, why he hid his smile in the...


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Basement Songs: Sugarland, “All I Want to Do”

While perusing the excellent selection of music stocked at the Burbank Public Library, I happened upon Sugarland’s Love on the...