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Bootleg City: Bread in Las Vegas, July ’97

Let there be Bread. (Sorry, I don't have any Phish. You'll have to ask Jesus about those bootlegs.)...


Two-Time Vegas ‘Headliner of the Year’ Frankie Moreno Talks New Show, New Influence

Las Vegas. For many, it’s the solid-gold frame around the big picture. A residency there often guarantees not only something of...


Songs in the Key of Life 23: “Spirit”

Sometimes, all you need to regain perspective is to go away for a little while....

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Popdose Sports: “The Ultimate Fighter” (Or: It’s the Stupid Reality, Stupid …)

The UFC's reality show could use a dose of reality....


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CD Review: Human Nature, “Reach Out”

“In the style of the boy-band vocal bands of the time, Human Nature became Australia’s most successful pop group of the...


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I call him GAMBLOR! (Part 1)

Two years ago, after being introduced to the computer program MATLAB at work, I conceived the brilliant plan of writing a computer program...


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Exit Music (For a Film): “Ocean’s Eleven”

Conceptually, counting cards is incredibly simple.  Take a deck of cards.  With a full deck, the count is zero.  Deal the cards...