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Popdose Alt-Christmas Film Festival: Actually a Good Love Story (or Eight)

Yes, critics. We hear you. Love Actually, the 2003 holiday blockbuster, spawned some unfortunate imitators in the “intertwined vignette...

Film, No Concessions

No Concessions: Rational and “Irrational Man”

Mr. Holmes, Woody Allen, and some of my favorite movies of the year now on home video....

photo credit: Joe Mazza, Brave Lux

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A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words: Christine Sneed

Author Christine Sneed talks about a few of her favorite movies....


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TV on DVD: “The Big C: The Complete First Season”

Laura Linney is wonderful in her Showtime dramedy, "The Big C," which finds its first season released on DVD....


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Theatre Is Easy: “Time Stands Still”

Molly Marinik reviews Time Stands Still, the new Broadway play that's full of instigating intellectual content. It's topical and...


Theatre, Theatre Is Easy

Theatre Is Easy: Celebs on Broadway, 2009-2010

It’s no surprise that Broadway producers like to cast celebrities in their shows. If your show, let’s say, is a dramatic...