Popdose Flashback 1993: Korn Again

Dw Dunphy – Chris, in 1993, were you an angry suburban music fan who wanted to ride on the train that was hip hop/rap, but didn’t want to give up down-tuned guitars in trade?

Chris Holmes – Angry? Check.  Suburban? ...

False Metal, Dead! 300 Headbangers, Part 27

5-star records. Who doesn’t love them, well I mean if you’re working off a 5-star scale of course? Well, that’s what all these records are. Perfect metal records. Records that every metal fan should hear and hopefully love.  It’s time ...

Unsolicited Career Advice for… Scott Weiland

Uncle Donnie gets pissed very rarely, but when he does he can certainly lay into you. I wonder what Scott Weiland thought when he got this. —RS

TO: Scott Weiland
FROM: Don Skwatzenschitz
RE: Career advice

I get mad ...

Chartburn: 2/29/08

Mainstream Rock: INXS, “Suicide Blonde” (1990)

John: I was always appreciative of INXS for holding X back until 1990 so I could accurately say their best stuff was back in the ’80s. ...