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The Popdose Interview: Matthew Sweet’s “Wicked System of Things”

We caught up with Matthew to talk about the vinyl reissues of his '90s catalog plus the special Record Store Day release that will be out...

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Music News: Lindsey Buckingham Fired From Fleetwood Mac

Can’t the “classic” version of this band stay on good terms for more than a few months at a time without everything...


Popdose Sunday Brunch: Episode One

The turkey is on the platter, but you may not want to take a bite. This one is RARE....


The Popdose Comeback Club: Class of 2017 (Round 2)

There are some comebacks the world doesn’t need: Sean Spicer, Bill Cosby, another Spiderman reboot — and plenty that are long...

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Dizzy Heights #27: Shouting at Windmills

Thomas Dolby is one of the few people to have enough money to have Oprah killed. Not that he would. ...


Popdose Oral History: “Papas Fritas” (1995)

The three members of Papas Fritas — Shivika Asthana, Keith Gendel, and Tony Goddess — discuss the creation of their self-titled debut...

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Popdose Q&A: Susanna Hoffs

Susanna Hoffs drops by the Popdose lounge to talk about the latest Under The Covers album, her ongoing collaboration with Matthew Sweet....

Fleetwood Mac, "Black Magic Woman" single

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Top 10 Fleetwood Mac Songs (Pre-Buckingham/Nicks)

Let's count down the 10 best pre-Buckingham/Nicks Fleetwood Mac songs, shall we?...

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Listmania: Top Ten Popdose Posts of All Time

Five years! Longer than many marriages, yet Popdose is still here and still going....

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Mariah Carey’s “Almost Home” and the Golden Age of Movie Soundtracks

Hey, remember when big soundtrack albums were a thing?...


Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours: Expanded Deluxe Edition: Spin Cycle

One of the best selling albums of all time gets remastered, repackaged and re-released. Is the new version of Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours"...

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CD Review: Fleetwood Mac, “Rumours Expanded Edition”

An album you know by heart in a way you've never heard before....

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Popdose Contest: Win the New Expanded Edition of Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours”!

Who doesn’t love Rumours? (The “iconic Fleetwood Mac album” kind, not the “Jeff Giles‘ wedding song was Rod...

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Lefschmutz: Bob Lefsetz Can’t Believe Fleetwood Mac Would Tour Again Just for the Money!

The title of this post is self-explanatory....

AM Gold: 1976

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Digging for Gold: The Time-Life “AM Gold” Series, Part 59

There's only one way to truly appreciate this week's AM Gold: 1976 entries, and that's to listen once again to the famous Casey Kasem rant...

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Pulling Rank: Buckingham/Nicks Era Fleetwood Mac Studio Albums

In her new weekly column, Kelly Stitzel ranks pop culture-related things, without commentary. This week, it's Fleetwood Mac albums made...


Popdose 2011: Jeff Giles’ Favorite Albums of the Year

The Editor-in-Chief runs down some of his favorite music from the year that was...

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Popdose 2011: Kelly Stitzel’s Favorite Albums (And More)

Kelly Stitzel shares her 20 favorite albums of 2011, and then some....

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Greatest Un-Hits: Lindsey Buckingham’s “Holiday Road” (1983)

“Holiday Road” was the theme song of National Lampoon’s Vacation, an insanely popular movie, the kind of ’80s...


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The Popdose Guide to Papas Fritas

The Boston-area band released only three albums before breaking up in 2000, but have reunited for a series of shows in Europe. Robert Cass...



Here’s Something Else!: Recommended Fleetwood Mac, But Not From “Rumours”

All hail Fleetwood Mac‘s Rumours, this 1977 paean to Love, American-style — or California-style, anyway. Memorably cinematic,...


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Soundtrack Saturday: Special Anniversary Video Mix Edition

Soundtrack Saturday turns two with a very special video retrospective. Join the celebration!...


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Listmania: Top 50 Guitarists (#20-11)

We made a list of our favorite guitarists of all time, and this week we near the top 10, counting down numbers 20 to 11. Has your favorite...


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Popdose Flashback ’90: Fleetwood Mac, “Behind the Mask”

As Popdose’s editor in chief Jeff Giles (y’all) would probably agree, Lindsey Buckingham is still probably one of the most...


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Bootleg City: Bad Company in Orlando, May ’99

The mayoral election is only 11 days away, and if the endless online chatter here in Bootleg City is any indication, voter turnout is sure...


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The Friday Mixtape: 10/9/09

No major theme this week, folks. Next week, on the other hand, will have a theme very close to me, so don’t forget to stop by for...


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Soundtrack Saturday: Special Anniversary Mix Edition

Has it already been a year since Kelly Stitzel joined the Popdose staff? It has indeed -- and she's assembled a special anniversary...


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Bootleg City: Top 17 Songs of the ’90s

For this special edition of Bootleg City, I’m spotlighting the top 17 songs of the ’90s, a decade we can all officially start...


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Bootleg City: Lindsey Buckingham, 12/10/92

I was beginning to think I’d never find a tough lawman to clean up Bootleg City, especially after my faux pas-filled interview with...