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Suburban Metal Dad #734: “Foo Fighters, Live at Linkin Park”

METAL DAD: THE BOOK IS AVAILABLE NOW. COLLECTS YEARS 3 & 4! Click here. METAL DAD shirts! Click here to get yours....

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Desert Island Discs With Icon For Hire

Icon For Hire’s debut album, Scripted, debuted on the Billboard 200 Album chart, peaked at # 4 on the iTunes Rock chart, and charted...

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Popdose Flashback 1993: Korn Again

1993 was ground zero for the nu-metal movement. We just didn't know yet....


Spin Cycle: Linkin Park, Living Things

Linkin Park returns with their fifth studio album, "Living Things." Does their new set mark an improvement over their disappointing "A...


New Release Report 6/26/12: Maroon 5 Overexpose Themselves

Adam Levine and his Merry Maroons are back for Round 4 with "Overexposed." It's the biggest release in a week full of biggies. Read our...


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CD Reviews: Linkin Park, Lordi, Volbeat, Terror, and Death Angel

Linkin Park, A Thousand Suns (Warner Bros.) If you have been brought here by simply clicking on a link after running a Google search for...


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Jesus of Cool: We Wuz Robbed! Great #2 Hits of the ’00s

My apologies to anyone who’s been waiting with bated breath for me to wrap up this series – is there any such person out...


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Billboarding: 5/5/08

Two weeks ago in this spot, we took a look at the top 10 of Billboard’s Hot 100. How about we all mosey on over to the Modern Rock...