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Basement Songs: 52 Saturday Nights, Film

Basement Songs: “Lone Star”

Scott Malchus sets his sights on this John Sayles modern western in this week's Basement Songs....


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Popdose 2010: Emilia Rhodes’ Best in Television

From gangsters to vampires, and cable dramas to network comedies, a list of the best in television in 2010....



Farewell to “Lone Star” (And Other Quickly Canceled Shows)

So it’s official: Those stupid sons of bitches at FOX have canceled the critically acclaimed (and really sort of awesome) Lone Star...


How Bad Can It Be?, Music

How Bad Can It Be?: Mishka

So I’m eating pork rinds naked at my computer, idly wiping my greasy hands on my thighs while the dog slouches in a corner licking...