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Like Omigod!, Music

Like, Omigod! Digging Through the ‘80s Pop Culture Box, Part 5

We’re back in the ring to take another swing, and ain’t nothin’ left to it but to do it. Let’s dig straight into Disc Two of this...

Greatest Un-Hits, Music

Greatest Un-Hits: Toronto’s “Your Daddy Don’t Know” (1982)

The sad tale of one more Canadian rock classic unjustly ignored in America....


Bottom Feeders, Music

Bottom Feeders: The Rock End of the ’80s, Part 30

Come on Loooooverboy and check out more tracks that Dave Steed spotlights in his hit series Bottom Feeders. ...


Basement Songs, Music

Basement Songs: K-Tel’s “High Voltage”

Danger! Scott Malchus has been struck by HIGH VOLTAGE in this week's Basement Songs column!...


Music, Ticket Stub

Ticket Stub: Chilliwack in Bermuda, March ’83

Alright, let me get something off my chest right away:  I’m lying when I tell you that this show took place in Bermuda. The truth...


Bottom Feeders, Music

Bottom Feeders: The Ass End of the ’80s, Part 55

So it’s been at least nine months, if not more, since I stopped buying ’80s albums. I made a conscious effort to stop spending...


Music, Popdose Flashback '89

Popdose Flashback: Michael Bolton, “Soul Provider”

In Bull Durham, Kevin Costner’s character Crash Davis chides Nuke LaLoosh (Tim Robbins) for his laziness and lack of focus on the...



CAPTAIN VIDEO!: Loverboy, “Notorious”

Greetings, Videots! Time gets a little funny out here in the 1980th Dimension, but it feels like it’s been awhile since we turned on...