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The Popdose Interview: Tobin Sprout

Indie rock renaissance man Tobin Sprout returns with a new album. Popdose had a chat with the prolific creator....

Music, Popdose Interviews

The Popdose Interview: Stan Demeski of the Feelies

Stan Demeski is a legend, whether you know it or not.  He’s also a very kind and funny man with a great/subtle sense of humor...

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This release makes me alternately happy and sad.  Happy because of who the musicians are; knowing them as well as I do from their...

Death by Power Ballad, Music

Death by Power Ballad: Guns N’ Roses, “Sweet Child O’ Mine”

Thirteen versions of "Sweet Child O' Mine?" Must be Thanksgiving!...


Versionality: “Season of the Witch”

In the latest installment of Versionality, Kelly Stitzel takes a look at some of the many covers of Donovan's "Season of the Witch."...


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The Weekly Mixtape: Harry Potter Edition

So wizard rock is apparently a real thing, which is nice; I’m sure that the Moms of the various members of, say, Draco and the...