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Popdose Roundtable: HBO Cancels “Vinyl”

Popdose's staff discusses the failure of HBO's "Vinyl."...

Soul Serenade - Dr. John

Ken Shane's Soul Serenade, Music

Soul Serenade: Dr. John, “Right Place Wrong Time”

Dr. John got the world on its feet with his 1973 classic...

Levon Helm

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The Popdose Podcast: Episode 23 – Levon Helm

The Popdose Podcast pays tribute to the late Levon Helm....

Ken Shane's Soul Serenade, Music

Soul Serenade: The Band (With Van Morrison), “Caravan”

On a Thanksgiving night 35 years ago tomorrow, the Band bid farewell at The Last Waltz. Among the show's many highlights was Van Morrison's...


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Popdose 2010: Emilia Rhodes’ Best in Television

From gangsters to vampires, and cable dramas to network comedies, a list of the best in television in 2010....


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DVD Review: The Rolling Stones, “Stones in Exile” — Win a Copy!

On May 18 of this year, the Rolling Stones released a remastered and expanded edition of what is arguably the greatest rock and roll album...


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CD Review: Frank Sinatra, “Sinatra: New York”

I am certain that when Frank Sinatra was a child, he must have gazed at the Manhattan skyline just across the Hudson River. If you’ve...