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Popdose 2011: Mike Duquette’s Top Catalogue Projects

According to crazy people, next year will see the wholesale demise of compact discs as well as the heroic efforts of Jon Cusack saving...


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Popdose Flashback ’91: Material Issue, “International Pop Overthrow”

When Material Issue front man Jim Ellison committed suicide in June of 1996, the act was sharp and sudden. The 32-year-old wasn’t a...


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Bootleg City: Elastica in Europe, 1994-’95

Greetings, citizens of Bootleg City. It’s an honor being the first female interim mayor of this fair ‘burg. But perhaps you’re...


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Bootleg City: Material Issue in Cleveland, May ’91

Back in 1992, my girlfriend received a 16th-birthday mix tape from a friend of ours named Tai. There were no artists or song titles listed...


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The Popdose Guide to Material Issue

The Beginning Mike Zelenko (drummer): “I met Jim through an advertisement in the Illinois Entertainer (a local monthly music...