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Listening Booth: Matthew O’Neill, Coke Belda, Steven Wilson, Etc.

Every time I am about to write off this bit of malarkey we call “Americana,” something pulls me from the brink. Don’t...

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The Vinyl Diaries: Bee Gees, “Spirits Having Flown”

Some Gibby action going on in Rob Smith's "The Vinyl Diaries."...


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Bootleg City: Mama Cass (Yo’ Mama Is a Mother From Another City)

Last week I mentioned that my mom took me to see Chicago in West Germany in 1977 with Matt Wardlaw and his older sister— I mean, his...


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CD Review: The Bee Gees, “Odessa” (40th Anniversary Edition)

F. Scott Fitzgerald once famously declared that there are no second acts in American lives. It’s a good thing that the Bee Gees...