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Big Country

Dreams Stay with You: Big Country and the Song That Saved My Life

Today marks the approximate 30th anniversary of the release of “In a Big Country,” the hit single by Scottish rockers Big Country. In honor of the occasion, Mike Duquette of The Second Disc and Popdose shares a deeply personal story of the song’s effect on his livelihood. In all honesty, I’d never intended to off myself. And if I’m lying – well, my friends, my family, even I wouldn’t have known. Aside from the occasional angry slap to the forehead, I’ve never been much of a self-harmer, and certainly had no well thought-out plans about how to remove myself from the face of the earth. But my “intentions” of whether to end my own life are merely one piece of my fight against depression, or low feelings, or whatever you want to call it. And, as is the case for so many people, the weapons we have to stave off those feelings sometimes seem like they’ll never work. Worse still, sometimes they don’t work at all. But, inasmuch as one can in such situations, mine …